About Us

Jobs & Business Glasgow owns a substantial portfolio of commercial properties and can provide accessible business accommodation for a wide range of businesses across the city. In addition, we aim to improve the Glasgow economy by supporting the city’s businesses and social enterprises to build a resilient business base and to improve their sustainability. We assist residents to set up in business by helping them to create and implement business plans and encourage community and voluntary organisations to achieve their economic, social and environmental goals.

Established in 2011 as one of Glasgow City Council’s Arm’s Length External Organisations (ALEOs) to deliver economic development activity on behalf of the city, Jobs & Business Glasgow (JBG) offers a vital economic development service by increasing the competitiveness of city residents within the labour market.

A company limited by guarantee, with charitable status and head office in Glasgow city centre, we employ over 500 people with a revenue budget of circa £27 million and offer a range of services, from community based venues located throughout Glasgow delivering wide ranging contracts and projects on behalf of several publicly funded organisations.

JBG makes an economic development contribution to the city based on increasing Glasgow’s competitiveness (defined by Glasgow’s residents in the jobs market being equipped with skills valued by employers), as well as working proactively with small businesses to increase the number of start-ups and help improve their resilience in order to create more jobs.

Formerly known as Glasgow’s Regeneration Agency (GRA), JBG’s brand now aligns with our economic development strategy to develop Glasgow’s jobs, skills and businesses across the city.

Before 2011, five separate regeneration agencies across the city were tasked with getting Glasgow residents ‘job ready’. However, following a review of operations which included extensive consultations with users and stakeholders, it became clear that a rebranding process was vital.

The review found that continuing to operate as five separate GRA agencies had led to confusing messages across the city with distorted communications and a weakened association to the agency’s brand. JBG now provides support to help residents increase their skills, enhance their chances of getting a job and realise their business potential.

JBG’s aim is to stimulate economic development by improving the resilience of the city’s business base and increase the competitiveness of the city’s residents in the labour market. It delivers a range of contracts and projects on behalf of organisations such as Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, Skills Development Scotland, European Funding streams, The Big Lottery, Glasgow Housing Association and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.